Sherpa Docs
Intro to Sherpa Cash
Private transactions on the Avalanche Network

What is Sherpa Cash?

Sherpa Cash is a fully decentralized protocol for private transactions based on zkSNARKS. It is a fork of Tornado Cash. The project and team are formed by engineers from established Avalanche DeFi projects.

The goal of Sherpa Cash

Private transactions are an essential building block for a robust DeFi ecosystem. Avalanche is still in its early days and no privacy protocol currently exists for it. Sherpa Cash hopes to bring this essential need to users and projects on the Avalanche Network.
Initially, Sherpa Cash will be governed by the founding team. Ultimately control of the project will be transferred to the community, where day-to-day operations, business strategy and token utility will be governed by community vote.

Why the name Sherpa Cash?

Sherpas regularly deal with unexpected weather, predators, obscured paths, and many other obstacles.
As active contributors to the Avalanche community, we're here to be your Sherpas - the trusted and helpful people you can rely on.
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