Sherpa Docs
An Airdrop is planned for early Sherpa Cash users, trusted ceremony participants, and delegators
We are airdropping 420,000 total SHERPA tokens to social media participants, trusted ceremony participants, and early users of Sherpa Cash.
Social Media Airdrop (300,000 SHERPA) - Ended on 5/13/21 1500 users that filled out our social media airdrop form are randomly selected for 200 SHERPA. Trusted Ceremony Participants (100,000 SHERPA) - Ended on 5/31/21 To qualify, users will need to participate in our trusted ceremony process. Read more here: https://medium.com/sherpa-cash/announcing-the-sherpa-cash-zk-snark-ceremony-27c67671f44a
Early Users - (20,000 SHERPA) - Ended on 10/1/21 To qualify, users will need to make a deposit transaction into the Sherpa Cash app. 100 random wallets will be selected.
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